Historic Archives

The Redditch Historic Archives

The Redditch Historic Archives hold artefacts which represent the broad spectrum of Redditch history ver the last 250 years. These artefacts have be collected or donated from various sources. The two principle objects of the archives are:

  • To safely store the artefacts to preserve them for future generations to enjoy
  • To document and present the artefacts in formats which enable their easy access and interpretation.

This site, and the pages below address this second principle

Artefact Register

The Redditch Historic Archives Register records all the artefacts donated or loaned to the Redditch Local History Museum.

Artefact Details

This section gives details 0f each artefact recorded in the Redditch Historic Archives.

Selection may be made by artefact number or by category of artefact.

Search Artefacts

This section allows you to search by keywords for artefacts meeting specified criteria.

Funding Our Archives

Funding The Archives